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Terms & Conditions

  • All new customers will have a short consultation before the first groom and will be asked to sign a declaration form.

  • You must inform me if your pet has any health issues or dislikes being handled/groomed.

  • All prices are for pets whose coats have been well maintained.

  • Payment will be due on collection of your pet.

  • If a pet is found to have fleas, to protect the health of other clients, the groom will be cancelled and the full cost of the groom will still be payable. You will be welcome back after treatment. 

  • The full cost of the groom will be payable if you fail to show up for your appointment or give less than 48 hrs notice of cancellation.

  • If a pet comes in with severe matting, they will not be subjected to longer than 15 mins of de-matting (in line with The Animal Welfare Act 2006.) Therefore a matting release form will need to be signed before the groom commences and there will be an additional matting fee.

Dog Walker at the Park
Dog Walker
Dog Close Up
Taking the dog for a walk
Tug of War
Two Dogs


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