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Cat Grooming

Wet Cat

Happy Pets, Personalised Grooming


Dogs copy: Services
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Bath and Dry

2 warm washes



brush & comb

nail trim

ear clean

Price List

Call, text or email for an appt

All prices are starting prices for cats whose coats have been well maintained

Wash & Dry

Dogs copy: Price List

Full Groom & Teddy Bear Clip

For cats with minimal matting or no matts

Start at £75

Claw trimming, eye &ear cleaning, removing ad hoc knots

Wash & Dry

Start at £60

Add On Services

Dry Bath                            £15

Wet bath                           £30

Ultra Skin Spa                   £10

Flea Bath                          £20

Difficult/aggressive         £10-£30

Matting                          £10-£50

Claw Trim Only                 £10

Full Dry Groom

Claw trimming, eye & ear cleaning, removing ad hoc knots and brush through with dry foam.

Start at £50

Panel Clip

Clip from front arm pits to base of tail, Includes Dry Groom,

Start at £60

Lion Clip

Full clip for cats with minimal matting or no matts

Start at £75

Found Julia on facebook and booked my ESS into her for a full groom, she made a fantastic job of him, he looked handsome, smelled gorgeous and was very happy with the service provided, time taken and not rushed, so much so, he is booked in again very soon :)

Mrs G -  Feb 2019

T & C's

  • All new customers will have a short consultation before the first groom and will be asked to sign a declaration form.

  • You must inform me if your cat has any health issues or dislikes being handled/groomed.

  • All prices are for cats whose coats have been well maintained.

  • Payment will be due on collection of your cat.

  • If a cat is found to have fleas, to protect the health of other clients, the groom will be cancelled and the full cost of the groom will still be payable. You will be welcome back after treatment. 

  • The full cost of the groom will be payable if you fail to show up for your appointment or give less than 24 hrs notice of cancellation.

  • If a cat comes in with severe matting, they will not be subjected to longer than 15 mins of de-matting (in line with The Animal Welfare Act 2006.) Therefore a matting release form will need to be signed before the groom commences.

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Dog Walker
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